At Minerva we believe that generating positive investment returns and constructive social and financial impact go hand-in-hand

Our core mission is to add value to our investments. To do this, we combine a long-term vision with an active engagement role, allowing us to work together with management to enhance shareholder value while addressing the needs of underserved people and communities and drive sustainable economic growth. 

Our approach to creating social impact is human-centric, participatory, data driven, and intended to empower people: to enable to perform and grow, and to help create the environment that feeds innovation in the long term. In short, to realize positive change we adopted the view of working with people instead of designing solutions for  people.

Our methodology focuses on identifying unique investment opportunities and utilizing a variety of powerful levers to transform a company’s business processes and bottom line.

In our experience, provisioning capital, introducing women into the management process, and assisting with corporate governance have been transformative. Providing liquidity to Small and Medium Enterprises while implementing guidelines for decision-making and team structures helps to transform companies while generating substantial returns.

In volatile economic environments with rapid business cycles, such as in Latin America, motivating a company to move from a hierarchical to a collaborative decision-making process and crystallizing formal corporate governance helps our portfolio companies succeed in their most-important aim – reliably growing their businesses and generating a strong return on our investment.


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